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Automotive auctions staffed by On Demand

Auto Auctions by On Demand

On Demand Staffing services the nation’s largest automotive re-marketing and auction providers. On Demand Staffing provides on-site staffing support, something that no other temporary labor company provides. As a partner to names like ADESA, Manheim, and KCI in US cities from LA to Phoenix to Cincinnati and Indianapolis, On Demand Staffing has decades of combined experience polishing, moving, and supporting auto auctions.

The automotive industry’s rebound over the last few years is due in no small part to restructuring their labor force and demands. But even in non-manufacturing work, the demands on automotive industry businesses to reduce costs, increase productivity, and increase quality continues.

On Demand Staffing provides employers with fast, reliable, and guaranteed help in the manufacture, sale, and distribution of cars, trucks, and other vehicles.

The nation’s leading automotive auction uses On Demand Staffing to ensure cars are moved quickly

ADESA, the nation’s leading automotive auction service for vehicle manufacturers, banks and lenders, rental companies, fleet managers, dealers, and insurance companies, works directly with On Demand Staffing across the United States.

During the auction as cars are auctioned before an audience of hundreds, they’re driven directly on to a staging area by On Demand staffers. Hundreds of vehicles are moved quickly and safely on and off the staging area, saving everyone at the auction hours of time.

All of On Demand Staffing’s workers have undergone background checks, MVR, drug testing, and are insured, licensed, and undergo a series of training seminars to guarantee the safety of everyone at the event. Additionally, On Demand Staffing assists ADESA with conditioning services, like detailing, washing, and preparing vehicles for sale day. We even assist in parking and organizing inventory and private vehicles at each event.

On Demand Staffing - Your On Demand Labor Workforce

On Demand Staffing – Your On Demand Labor Workforce