Staffing for entertainment venues

Play houses, theaters, and large outdoor arenas and seating areas have unique problems. It’s tough to staff for what amounts to sporadic bursts of heavy activity. It’s tough to find reliable people who consistently show up for work when you need them. It’s tough to clean sticky soda off the floors.

On Demand Staffing can provide theaters, play houses, bandstands, and other entertainment venues with just the right level of staffing right when they need it.

Have your parking and traffic control handled with On Demand Staffing at the same time your food service is serving guests and close out your evening with a profitable show run and returning the venue back to a state better than before.

We’ll staff your event on demand during the hours you need it. We’ll cover all the requisite paperwork and legal reporting, plus background checks and drug testing. It’s up to you to deliver a performance your ticket holders will find unforgettable. It’s up to On Demand Staffing to keep your venue running cleanly and efficiently.

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On Demand Staffing

On Demand Staffing