Staffing for special events and festivals

Any organization or municipality hosting a festival or special event knows how much how work and effort goes into it. Often volunteers are sought to help manage parking, food service, and cleanup.

On Demand Staffing can remove an immense amount of work from an event organizer quickly, easily, and affordably. Imagine not having to work with untrained volunteers with incoherent schedules. Imagine knowing all your setup, logistics, and cleanup were handled in one efficient operation before your first guest even arrives.

On Demand Staffing can help your event and guests from the moment they park. On Demand Staffing can manage traffic flow to help your guests arrive swiftly, securely, and safely.

Coupled with our experience in Hospitality On Demand, we can provide your event with food and beverage service. On Demand staff can collect tickets, ensure basic security, and remain on-call to handle cleaning up spills, debris, and clearing trash.

Contact us to get a quote and hear about all the ways On Demand Staffing can make your event work smarter.

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On Demand Staffing

On Demand Staffing