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Temporary, part-time, and full-time staffing for Governments

Government units looking to increase efficiencies in procuring a wide range of skilled and unskilled labor can look to On Demand Staffing for help.

Large government offices in need of cleaning and janitorial services can save money by foregoing expensive managerial oversight positions, background checks, insurance, and drug testing. On Demand Staffing handles all of that.

Governments can also avoid difficulties in hiring or terminating staff and contractors by instead looking to On Demand Staffing’s on-site managers to handle this for you.

Public Works departments seeking extra help setting up for one-time festivals, parades, and other events can find it with On Demand Staffing.

On a more nuts-and-bolts level, municipalities that want to work through a backlog of issues, like shoveling, cleaning, mowing, landscaping, cleanup, and more can turn to On Demand Staffing to get months of work done in days or hours. All at a price that’s competitive and respectful to taxpayers.

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