Indy Fuel Ignites the Season With Winning Home Opener

Indiana Farmers ColliseumThe Indy Fuel, Indianapolis’ AA hockey team, gave fans a few good reasons to have high hopes for the season after Friday’s tense home opener at the Indiana Farmers Coliseum. While Friday’s overtime shootout may have made a few fans a little uneasy, Saturday’s 3-1 win sealed the deal, making Fuel the victors of the all-important opening weekend.

The Indy Fuel are the latest in a string of greats to occupy the hallowed coliseum located at the Indy Fairgrounds. If the newly renovated walls could talk, they’d tell you about the time the Beatles played one of their only Indiana shows there, and about how the Indianapolis Chiefs won the Calder Cup on its ice not once, but twice. They’d tell you about the three basketball titles won there by the Pacers in the 70’s, and finally, they’d tell you about Fuel player Dylan Clarke’s wrist shot from the left wing that took the Toledo goaltender entirely by surprise not two minutes into the 2015-2016 season this past Friday.

Before the walls tell you about that, though, they’d tell you about the On Demand staffers who aren’t afraid to take on the tough job of cleaning them before and after each game. We can only guess what’s in store for the hockey season, but we know for sure that the floors will be swept, the trashes will be emptied, and every surface will be scrubbed so that fans can focus on the history being made right in front of them.

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