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On Demand Staffing in Cincinnati, Ohio

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Anna Stanuzek
Phone: (937) 241-0108

4400 William C Good Blvd
Franklin, OH 45005

Over a hundred years ago, Cincinnati became the home of one of the very first Ford auto dealerships. When the first Detroit auto factory was still just a gleam in Henry Ford’s eye, early Model T’s in Queen City became some of the first used cars on the resale market.

Cincinnati’s relationship with America’s auto industry is older than its relationship with chili, and has helped make Cincy’s ADESA and Manheim auto remarketers some of the best in the country.

Each week at the Manheim and ADESA auction lots, hundreds of cars are conditioned until they shine and driven across the block before brokers, dealers and fleet managers from all around the area. ADESA and Manheim gather the cars for the auction, and On Demand Staffing gathers the workers who keep things rolling.

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On Demand Staffing in Cincinnati hires and staffs exclusively for automotive auctions. Our Cincinnati office is not hiring for any other positions at this time.

Find out why Cincinnati’s auto auctions trust On Demand to supply a quality workforce

Before On Demand sends workers to staff an auto auction lot, they’ve spent hours being trained in safety protocol. We only send the best representatives to the work site, checking each worker’s motor vehicle records and performing thorough background checks.

Our high standard of quality has made us the only temporary staffing company trusted to provide daily on-site support. Once the auction is over, we’re already there helping ADESA and Manheim get ready for next week’s show.

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On Demand Staffing - Your On Demand Labor Workforce

On Demand Staffing – Your On Demand Labor Workforce