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On Demand Staffing in Indianapolis, Indiana

Indy Skyline OnDemand

Indianapolis Labor & Warehouse Office
2911 West Washington Street
Indianapolis, IN 46222

Cathy Day [Labor Division]
Phone: (317) 635-7736

Mark Ramey [Warehouse Division]
Phone: (317) 635-7736

Dan Mahone [Automotive Auctions Division]
Phone: (317) 864-2222

Matt Hogan
Indianapolis Hospitality and Events Office

2116 Shelby Street
Indianapolis, IN 46203
Phone: (317) 653-1880

James Putnam [Events Division]
Phone: (317) 653-1880

Hoosiers value hard work and enjoy the respect and honor a solid day’s effort brings. It’s a defining characteristic of Indiana and its capitol city of Indianapolis.

On Demand Staffing is headquartered in Indianapolis. We provide staffing for almost every single major sporting venue in Indianapolis, as well as On Demand staffing for automotive auctions, construction sites, and the hospitality industry.

See How On Demand Staffing helps keep one of the best stadiums in the country operating

Game day in Indianapolis draws 50,000-70,000 people under one roof at Lucas Oil Stadium. Lucas Oil is one of the loudest and most architecturally stunning stadiums in the country, and keeping it looking clean and new is a challenge met by On Demand Staffing every time it’s used, whether that’s for the NCAA Championships, WNBA Championships, an Indianapolis Colts game, or a high school band competition.

On Demand Staffing supplies a force of 100+ workers after each event. Our workers are trained, know what needs to be done, and are given the supplies and tools necessary to make the initial pass through every aisle, hall, and corner of the stadium. Our workers pick up recyclables and general trash, then pass through once again ensuring spills, dirt, and other messes are scrubbed off every chair, armrest, and surface.

It takes longer than an average football game to do it, but Lucas Oil Stadium is left looking just as it was before thousands of excited fans walk through the doors.

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