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With nearly double the cars per square mile of New York City, Los Angeles is the “city on wheels”.

The way the LA freeways have developed over the years and the sheer pleasure of a drive among California’s hills and beaches have made it essential for Angelenos to drive, which means the cars coming through an LA auto auction are an interesting, abundant mix.

ADESA and Manheim re-market hundreds of vehicles to manufacturers, dealers, and institutions at every auction. To supply the rare inventory they sell each week, they need Los Angeles’ unique auto market. To make sure the auctions run smoothly, efficiently, and safely, they need us.

Find out why LA auto auctions keep On Demand staff on-site even after the auction is over

The Los Angeles Manheim and  ADESA auto remarketing locations trust On Demand Staffing not only to provide well-trained auction event staff each week, but also to staff their facilities even after the auctions are over. We’re the only temporary labor staffing service in the country who provide full, ongoing on-site support.

Before the auction starts, On Demand workers condition and detail each vehicle. At the time of the auto auction, On Demand workers carefully and safely drive hundreds of vehicles through the sales lanes and onto the auction block. Once the auction is over, they manage the inventory and get ready to do it all over again.

Every On Demand staffer we send to auto auctions undergoes background checks, is insured and licensed, and completes a series of safety training seminars. Our goal is to make sure each car is treated like a million bucks and that each auction goes off without a hitch.

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On Demand Staffing – Your On Demand Labor Workforce