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On Demand Staffing in Phoenix, Arizona

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Steve McKnight 

Sales Manager
Phone: (520) 280-1018

Erika Blanco
Office Manager
Phone: ‭(480) 664-0311‬

1833 W. Main St., Suite 130
Mesa AZ 85201

Office phone: (480) 664-0311
Office fax: (480) 219-5729

If you want to get the attention of a used car broker, dealer or fleet manager in Phoenix, Arizona, just say “Manheim” or “ADESA.” Both companies have become heavyweights in America’s auto remarketing industry, turning over hundreds of vehicles at fast-paced, highly-synchronized auctions each week.

ADESA Arizona is an award-winning branch of an already outstanding company, and Manheim has held the title of the world’s leading global auto auctioneer for decades.

Phoenix is one of America’s fastest-growing metropolises, and Manheim and ADESA both turn to On Demand Staffing to help their businesses grow right along with it.

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How does On Demand Staffing help Phoenix’s auto auctions save time and money?

ADESA and Manheim auctions move hundreds of cars through the block each week, which takes an entire week of preparation by an experienced staff. It’s the auction company’s job to fill the lot with cars, but it’s On Demand’s job to fill the auction’s cars with safe and efficient drivers.

Our staff conditions the vehicles before the show, drives them through the staging area on the big day, and takes inventory once everyone’s gone home in preparation for next week’s auction. We’re the only temporary staffing agency that leaves full-time support on-site, saving ADESA and Manheim time and money at each remarketing event.

Because our reputation is important to us, we make sure every employee we send to a job site has undergone a background check, MVR, drug testing and is licensed and insured. We also require all On Demand auto auction staff to attend at a series of seminars to make sure each event is as safe as possible.

Expanding services to meet demand in Phoenix

On Demand Staffing in Phoenix has been undergoing change and growth just like Phoenix itself. With our growth comes to new demand for labor and services offered in warehousing, industry, hospitality, event setup and tear-down, skilled and unskilled labor roles inside and outside the office, and construction work.

On Demand Staffing in Phoenix can assist small industrial start-ups and established venues, caterers, hotels, medical providers, and other industrialists grow with on demand labor.

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On Demand Staffing - Your On Demand Labor Workforce

On Demand Staffing – Your On Demand Labor Workforce