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Lower overhead, more savings

Talented people help a business grow. But the cost of securing them can make the whole process more costly than it’s seemingly worth. The bottom line takes precedence, sure, but we can help you save on staffing costs. That’ll free up your staff time and money.

By hiring On Demand you’re using us to get the right candidates. You’ll reduce your risk of incurring costs from bad hires, high churn rates, and decreased employee engagement and training.

When you hire On Demand, you’ll save money on HR functions like benefits administration, employment processes, hiring, recruiting, and payroll. Plus state and federal paperwork. Think of what else you could be doing with that time! Even just removing a bad hire can save up to a quarter of that position’s salary in the first year.

Nearly twice as fast to fill jobs

17 days Average days to fill a position

Most internal hiring practices average about 30 days to fill a position. That’s time for someone to write a job description if it hasn’t already been written, post it a bunch of places, make accounts and pay for ads on job sites, get the training in place, put the paperwork in order, sift through candidates, interview candidates, make an offer, make another offer, get a counter offer, and on and on.

When you work with On Demand, you’ll gain access to our extensive network of qualified individuals who are ready for their next job. We have experience sourcing and screening people in the Bay area, and all without sacrificing time. On Demand can fill some jobs within a few days. For more complex jobs, we can still hire workers for you in about half the time most organizations can do it themselves.

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Auto Auction Driver

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