Indianapolis’ Lucas Oil Stadium, the Cleanest Venue in the NFL


It’s tough to find a better run venue in the NFL than Indianapolis’ Lucas Oil Stadium. Having only been open since 2008, the young venue has reached an impressive standard of excellence according to Stadium Journey Magazine, which has ranked it “the best stadium experience in the NFL” for three consecutive years.

The stadium has found its stride within its neighborhood exceptionally well, sitting comfortably among the bars, hotels and restaurants of Downtown Indianapolis like it had always belonged there. The retractable roof allows for both a traditional outdoor sporting experience and protection from the elements. Somehow managing to toe the line between intimate and epic, attending an event there is darn near magical – but such a level of excellence simply couldn’t be achieved on such a massive scale without the dedicated Colt clean-up crew staffed by On Demand.

In addition to being named the “best stadium experience” in the NFL, Lucas Oil Stadium has also been named the “cleanest venue” in the NFL for the 2015-2016 season. Every game day, the On Demand team sweeps the stands, cleans windows, takes out the trash, shovels snow, and polishes every surface. Staffers don’t aim for awards, they simply aim to make sure every ticket holder has an unforgettable experience – and that’s what makes all the difference.

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