Taking Chances: Hiring for the Future and Not Just the Now

Taking Chances with Hires

What do you look for when reviewing an application for employment? In most occasions, you want to find applicable work experience. And while that is, and should be something that we all look for when sifting through a mountain of applicants, I’ve found a few other things that trump a single qualifying category, while still meeting the needs of the client, and myself. The best part about it is that you don’t even need to spend an outrageous amount of additional time when your eyes have glazed over from reading cover letters, and resumes.

Be Willing to Take a Chance

Just because Mr. & Mrs. Doe have only ever worked the drive-through at your local burger joint for the past eight years doesn’t necessarily disqualify them as a well fit candidate. To take a “face value” approach in hiring doesn’t always do you a service. Focus on the fact that they did put in those eight years. That alone shows a level of dedication and commitment that someone who at face value may not necessarily have.

So, what is taking things at face value? What does that mean? For the most part, it’s universal. But for those that are just starting the hiring process, or are trying to break into the recruitment market it simply means that someone has “X amount” of years’ work experience in the position that you’re currently recruiting for. In my experience taking the time to foster Mr. or Mrs. Doe’s talent via their near decade of dedication and commitment can serve you better in the long run.

The best way to decipher if they are in fact going to end up being a more “qualified” candidate for the position is to reach out and have a phone conversation with them. See why exactly they stayed in that minimum wage position for x-amount of years, and take it from there. They may floor you in that one conversation in ways that your other potential candidates ever could. You’ll never know until you try.

In the past month I have found more success by taking the Doe’s under my wing and giving them a chance. In thirty days I have found many bright, and shining stars by taking chances on them because they have more than just the “want to work”. They have a need and are willing to do whatever it takes to succeed and plant their roots with you, rather than the opposition who may feel entitled to an opportunity based purely on accolades.

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