Where is my W2?

On Demand Staffing offices across the U.S. mailed all legally-required W2’s the week of January 22.

I haven’t received my tax paperwork. Where is it?

If you moved between the time of your employment and the end of January 2018, your paperwork likely went to your old address. If mail is no longer being forwarded, call or email your local ODS office.

All tax filing paperwork was mailed the week of January 22, 2018.

Can I get a copy of my tax paperwork from other years?

In some cases, yes. Call your local ODS office where you worked and let us know what year you’re looking for.

There’s an error on my statement. What should I do?

If there’s an error in your address or contact information, let us know so we can update it in our records. In most cases the IRS won’t be concerned with it. If, however, your Social Security Number is incorrect or your legal name dramatically differs from what’s on your W2, call your local ODS office.

If you think your income is incorrect, call your local ODS office. Gather any supporting stubs or records you might have, too.

I made less than $600 in a year. Is my income still reported?

The IRS requires any income in a tax year greater than $600 be reported. On Demand Staffing reports all income, even those under the $600 threshold, to the IRS.

Can I file my taxes even if I haven’t received my W2?

You should consult your tax preparer for advice on when and how to file. On Demand Staffing isn’t responsible for errors in reported income or discrepancies in what you report and what we file with the IRS.

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