Frequently Asked Questions for Hiring Managers and Employers

What are some benefits working with an agency On Demand Staffing?
We save you time and money by handling the burden of employment. You receive a competitive flat-rate with no hidden fees, service charges, etc. We close the gap of employment with pre-screened and qualified associates that meet your business needs – On Demand. 

What are your support hours?
Our dedicated support team can be accessible 24/7. On-site management can also be provided at no cost once we have 60+ full time employees in your facility. 

What services are offered at On Demand Staffing?
We offer the full range of total workforce solutions. Our customer scenetric approach allows our partners to maximize profits and minimize costs associated with hiring.

  • Temporary, temporary to hire, direct hire, payroll services, vendor on-premise, and other staffing methods
  • Accurate reporting, turnover analysis, and performance reviews
  • Workforce, HR, and On-Site management
  • Perform regular safety evaluations and implement efficiency plans


There is a variety of other services that are completely customizable to your need. Our agile processes and procedures are tailored to fit within any organization. With over 20 years of experience working with thousands of customers shows our commitment to our communities’ employers.

How do we get started?
There is an easy 4 step process.  We have a standard service agreement and credit application. We are able to work with your agreement as well if necessary. You can receive this information by contacting us or your nearest On Demand Staffing office.

How do we deal with drug testing and background screening?
You don’t, we do. We’ll handle testing and managing the results, as well as background screening based on your work requirements.

How do we deal with taxes, wages, insurance, etc.?
Another instance where you don’t have to do anything. We’ll handle all tax withholding, wage garnishments, and reporting. Insurance is not provided.

How does the Affordable Care Act impact us?
The ACA requires health insurance only when an employee is working full-time. Since almost all of our jobs are temporary or sporadic in duration, the ACA does not apply. For temp-to-hire positions, ACA does apply when a worker is working 30+ hours a week.

Where are your offices located?
Our staffing solutions teams are located in Indianapolis, IN, Lafayette, IN, Dallas, TX, and Austin, TX. Our HQ is also located in Indianapolis.

Frequently Asked Questions for Employees

Why work with a staffing agency to get a job?

Searching for employment can be a challenging endeavor, often consuming valuable time and personal energy. This is where we come into play, assisting job seekers in garnering attention and securing roles that align with their qualifications within companies currently in the hiring phase. We possess the ability to uncover job openings that might not have been publicly advertised, thereby facilitating the exposure of resumes to the appropriate decision-makers.

The process of job hunting can sometimes feel distant and impersonal. However, we operate on a more personalized level, engaging in direct interactions with job seekers to ensure their alignment with positions that resonate with their skillsets and preferences. We even extend services to candidates, such as refining resumes, job fairs, on-the-job training, and conducting workshops to prepare for interviews.

By functioning as partners to job seekers, we invest in the triumph of each individual working with us.

Does working with an agency help me get a permanent job?
Working through a staffing agency often serves as a pathway to attaining permanent employment, and the prospect of securing a lasting position is a motivating factor driving individuals to pursue temporary or contract engagements. According to an ASA survey of staffing employees, half (49%) of those surveyed chose temporary or contract work as a way to obtain a permanent job. One third (35%) were offered a permanent job by a client where they worked on an assignment, and two-thirds (66%) accepted the offers of permanent employment. (Source: American Staffing Association, 2014 Staffing Employee Survey)

What does same-day pay mean?
Some of the temporary jobs offered by On Demand Staffing offer same-day pay. This pay structure simply means you walk away with a check for the hours you worked after your shift. Virtually all of On Demand Staffing’s automotive auction jobs, as well as many temporary construction, event cleanup, and cleaning jobs are same-day pay. Taxes are already deducted from your check. We do not pay in cash but we offer the option to receive a Kittrell pay card.

What else can On Demand Staffing offer besides a job?
We offer a variety of services for our associates. Resume building, on the job training, career advancement, and other related services at no cost. 

I need special accommodations due to an injury; can I be placed into a job?
In some cases, yes. Inform us during your intake process to learn more about light duty jobs.

What industries or companies does On Demand Staffing work with?
We work with some of the biggest names in sports, automotive, hospitality, distribution centers, manufacturing, call centers, construction, professional placement and many other industries.

What types of jobs are available?
We offer our associates temporary, temporary to hire, contract, seasonal, and direct hire placements. 

Can I be hired if I’m not a U.S. citizen?
Yes. We are able to work with a variety of work authorizations. 

Toni Webb

Director of Administration

Toni is the heart of our organization. Her incredible organizational skills truly keeps our company running. She is quick to provide support to everyone in the company with a smile. Over her many years of service with On Demand Staffing she has been an integral part in creating the family atmosphere we all know and love.

Matt Hogan

Chief Operating Officer

With over a decade of experience in staffing and recruiting, Matt takes a hands-on, forward-thinking approach to developing lasting partnerships and building high performing teams that deliver consistent results to customers and stakeholders alike. Matt strives to create positive energy every day and inspire those around him to realize their full potential. 

Shane Headlee

President and Owner

A true entrepreneurial mind, Shane Headlee started his first company while still in high school. He took that same passion and drive to start On Demand Staffing. Now, over 20 years later, he continues to bring his experience and vision to a customer-centric brand that represents the future of workforce solutions.  

Brad Raiford

Chief Executive Officer

An accomplished leader with over 30 years of experience in the staffing industry. Brad has led several companies to great levels through teamwork and a passion to help everyone achieve their goals. Brad brings this same passion for success and teamwork as he unites customers and employees.