Warehouse Staffing

Your clients don’t want to wait for their product, which means you don’t want to wait to fill your open warehouse position. On Demand is happy to help by sending screened, trained, and certified workers to fill your temporary warehouse positions.

All On Demand workers undergo multiple safety training and work orientation courses so they are ready to step right into your operation the instant you need them.

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Auto Auction Staffing

On Demand Staffing services the nation’s largest automotive re-marketing and auction providers. As a partner to the nation’s largest auctions ADESA and Manheim as well as Regional and local auctions, On Demand is experienced in all aspects of the auto auction industry. On Demand Staffing has decades of combined experience providing Sale Day Drivers, Lot Crew, Detail Shop, Mechanic Shop and many other positions.

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Event Staffing

On Demand venue staff assist with the management of events of all sizes including conferences, concerts, sports events, trade shows, banquets, promotions, parties, or any other special gathering.

On Demand understands that every event’s needs are unique. We deliver customized staffing solutions to manage and clean your venue so you can focus on everything else.

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Labor and Temporary Staffing

Utilizing the services of On Demand Staffing will not only streamline your staffing processes and procedures, but also save you money.

In addition to payroll costs, we cover workers compensation, general liability, payroll taxes and unemployment claims for you.

It is our pledge to not only save you money, but also enable you to spend more time doing what you do best – concentrating on serving your guests rather than worrying about staffing and employment issues. 

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Construction & Demolition Staffing

Construction managers and site engineers seeking temporary or long-term help during the construction of a new project can find skilled and unskilled labor with On Demand Staffing.

On Demand Staffing takes away a lot of the initial headaches in hiring, including employment verification and drug testing. Construction managers can get fresh help with temporary challenging problems – like demolition or brick-by-brick reconstruction. Or, fill most or all of your staffing needs for the entire project.

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Entertainment & Venue Staffing

Play houses, theaters, and large outdoor arenas and seating areas have unique problems. It’s tough to staff for what amounts to sporadic bursts of heavy activity. It’s tough to find reliable people who consistently show up for work when you need them. It’s tough to clean sticky soda off the floors.

On Demand Staffing can provide theaters, play houses, bandstands, and other entertainment venues with just the right level of staffing right when they need it.

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Janitorial & Custodial Staffing

Janitorial services are available across any shift, any duration, and on demand whenever you need them. If your facility needs around-the-clock services, we’re there. If your facility needs to staff up for a one-time influx, we’re there. If you need help just at night or during select hours, On Demand is ready.

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Manufacturing & Logistics Staffing

Businesses large and small struggling to keep up with their workload can clear out their production and shipping backlogs with On Demand Staffing.

Bring in a few, a dozen, or hundreds of new workers to help you fulfill product production times and deadlines for the holidays. Or clear out your customer returns sitting in your loading bay awaiting inspection and repackaging. We can also help you get trucks loaded faster with more help as-needed. You can hire workers part-time or hire workers on a full-time basis in the future.

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Outsourcing & Consulting Staffing

As a rule, the demands of a successful business change with each passing day. Your industry’s demand for adaptation may seem overwhelming, but with the right people by your side, your business will come out ahead.

We know what a challenge it can be to keep an efficient staff. The roles your employees fill are constantly shifting, as are the skillsets needed by your industry. If you find yourself needing to fill in the gaps, it may be time to discuss outsourcing and consulting with us.

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Special Event & Festival Staffing

Any organization or municipality hosting a festival or special event knows how much how work and effort goes into it. Often volunteers are sought to help manage parking, food service, and cleanup.

On Demand Staffing can remove an immense amount of work from an event organizer quickly, easily, and affordably. Imagine not having to work with untrained volunteers with incoherent schedules. Imagine knowing all your setup, logistics, and cleanup were handled in one efficient operation before your first guest even arrives.

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On Demand Staffing

On Demand Staffing