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Auto Auction Staffing

On Demand Staffing services the nation’s largest automotive re-marketing and auction providers. On Demand Staffing provides on-site staffing support, something that no other temporary labor company provides. As a partner to names like ADESA, Manheim, and KCI in US cities from LA to Phoenix to Cincinnati and Indianapolis, On Demand Staffing has decades of combined experience polishing, moving, and supporting auto auctions.

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Event Staffing

On Demand venue staff assist with the management of events of all sizes including conferences, concerts, sports events, trade shows, banquets, promotions, parties, or any other special gathering.

On Demand understands that every event’s needs are unique. We deliver customized staffing solutions to manage and clean your venue so you can focus on everything else.

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Hospitality Industry Staffing

Hospitality On Demand is a full service agency delivering dedicated staffing solutions to the food service and hospitality industries.

Specializing in the recruitment, training and placement of food service and hospitality professionals, Hospitality On Demand provides business partners with flexible, high-quality labor resources to fill temporary, part time and full time assignments.

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Labor and Temporary Staffing

Utilizing the services of On Demand Staffing will not only streamline your staffing processes and procedures, but also save you money.

In addition to payroll costs, we cover workers compensation, general liability, payroll taxes and unemployment claims for you.

It is our pledge to not only save you money, but also enable you to spend more time doing what you do best – concentrating on serving your guests rather than worrying about staffing and employment issues. 

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Warehouse Staffing

Your clients don’t want to wait for their product, which means you don’t want to wait to fill your open warehouse position. On Demand is happy to help by sending screened, trained, and certified workers to fill your temporary warehouse positions.

All On Demand workers undergo multiple safety training and work orientation courses so they are ready to step right into your operation the instant you need them.

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On Demand Staffing - Your On Demand Labor Workforce

On Demand Staffing – Your On Demand Labor Workforce